Participating Company List

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ACM Research - Conference Call Only
盛美半导体 - 仅线上会议 (David Wang, CEO)
ACMR USConfirmed
ASE Group - Conference Call Only
日月光集团 - 仅线上会议 (Iris Wu, IR Director)
3711 TTConfirmed
Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc.China
中微公司 (胡 潇, Representative of Securities Affairs)
688012 CHAttended
鹰瞳科技 (Dalei Zhang, Founder)
BYD Electronic
比亚迪电子 (郑 丹, IR Manager)
285 HKConfirmed
Cloopen Group
容联云 (李 亦鹏, CFO)
RAAS USConfirmed
Guangdong Leadyo Ic Testing Co
利扬芯片 (辜 诗涛, Board Secretary)
688135 CHAttended
Hangzhou Dptech Technologies Co.,ltd.
迪普科技 (邹 禧典, Board Secretary)
300768 CHAttended
Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics
士兰微 (陈 越, Board Secretary)
600460 CHAttended
Hua Hong Semiconductor
华虹半导体 (王 鼎, CFO)
1347 HKAttended
Insilico Medicine
英矽智能 (Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO)
Kingboard Holdings - Conference Call Only
建滔集团 - 仅线上会议 (David Ho, IR Director)
148 HKConfirmed
Maxscend Microelectronics - Conference Call Only
卓胜微 - 仅线上会议 (刘 丽琼, Board Secretary)
300782 CHConfirmed
MetaX Integrated Circuits
沐曦集成电路 (陈 维良, Founder and CEO)
小马智行 (邵 俊斌, 投融资负责人)
Q Technology
丘钛科技 (富强 范, CFO)
1478 HKAttended
SG Micro - Conference Call Only
圣邦股份 - 仅线上会议 (张 勤, Board Secretary)
300661 CHConfirmed
中芯国际 (郭 光莉, 副总裁,董秘)
981 HK
688981 CH
Shanghai Huace Navigation Technology LTD.
华测导航 (孙 梦婷, 董事会秘书)
300627 CHAttended
Shukun Technology
数坤科技 (Vicki Wang, 联席CFO)
Sun.King Technology 
赛晶科技 (胡 俊, Assistant to Chairman)
580 HKAttended
Sunny Optical
舜宇光学 (刘 延峰, IR Director)
2382 HKAttended
Sunwoda Electronic - Conference Call Only
欣旺达 - 仅线上会议 (刘 荣波, Securities Representative)
300207 CHConfirmed
Will Semiconductor
韦尔股份 (贾 淵, Board Secretary)
603501 CHAttended
Youdao Inc
网易有道 (苏 鹏, Vice President)
DAO USAttended
星亢原生物 (航 陈, 创始人/CEO)UnlistedAttended